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For PR people with clients who have been hacked

Managed Litigation

Numerous victims of phone hacking have issued court proceedings against both News Group Newspapers (former publisher of the News of the World) and MGN Limited (publisher of the Mirror and Sunday Mirror newspapers). Many of the settlements reached have been widely reported in the media.

Because of the large numbers of people suing either NGN or MGN, the court has established two separate regimes of managed litigation: the first known as the Mobile Telephone Voicemail Interception Litigation (“MTVIL”) was set up in 2011 for those individuals suing NGN. In 2014, the court established the Mirror Newspapers Hacking Litigation (“MNHL”) for those suing MGN. Both regimes are managed by Mr Justice Mann in the Chancery Division of the High Court in London.

Both regimes were established in order to save costs and improve efficiency. Currently, anyone wishing to commence legal proceedings against either newspaper group for phone hacking must join the appropriate regime. In each case, this involves agreeing to be coordinated by the relevant Lead Solicitor and entering into a costs sharing agreement with the other claimants.

Mark Thomson and James Heath of Atkins Thomson are the Lead Solicitors in the MTVIL and MNHL respectively and are responsible for the coordination of the claimants in each regime.

A number of relevant orders have been made by the court and are available on this website on the page entitled Public Documents.

What to do next

If you have been notified by the Metropolitan Police Service (“MPS”) that you are a probable victim of phone hacking, you should instruct a firm of solicitors to advise you on whether or not you have a claim against NGN, MGN or both. As well as Atkins Thomson, a number of other firms have successfully acted for victims of phone hacking over the years.

The first stage is to obtain any documentary evidence which the MPS possesses in relation to you and which suggests that you are a victim. Once this has been obtained, an initial view can be formed as to the likely merits of your claim(s).